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Founded in 1936, Laurendor is a Spanish cosmetics company with extensive experience in the manufacture of make-up and skincare products. We have widely proven know-how having exported our own brands and manufactured products for other European and Spanish companies.

We can develop any product right from its initial stages up to its manufacture, covering research and development, packaging design, notification to the European webportal and product legalisation.

We work with a Quality Control System that complies with ISO Standard 9001:2008. Our manufacturing process fulfils ISO Standard 22716:2007, as recommended by the European Regulation on Cosmetics.

We perform and handle the stability, toxicity and efficacy tests required. We carry out quality checks on raw materials as well as on finished products, and perform any microbiological tests required.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to create projects that are entirely tailored to their needs.

Knowing that its future on the market is shaped by continuous adaptation to the changing circumstances of such, of technology and of regulations, LAURENDOR, S.L. defined and implemented the following commitments to fulfil requirements and to ensure ongoing improvement in the efficacy of the Quality Control System:

  • We shall undertake all activities of our work with the highest level of quality, while effectively managing and monitoring all of the processes to improve our products and guarantee their quality and safety.

  • We shall maintain a constant level of investment in R&D to permanently keep our knowledge up to date.

  • We shall obtain the highest quality to price ratio in our products and services, in order to fulfil the needs and expectations of our clients.

  • We shall fulfil the legislations and regulations applicable to our products.

  • We shall promote the involvement and training of our employees to achieve the objectives expressed in this policy, and encourage them to actively participate in order to achieve a working environment where open dialogue and cooperation are the tools for progress.

  • We shall gather information from the market and from our clients in order to satisfy our clients' needs and expectations, successfully manage our projects and fulfil the regulatory requirements.

  • We shall maintain a permanent open dialogue and reinforce our links with our distributors and suppliers, in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships, share our interest in quality and constantly improve our products.

  • We shall reinforce and implement environmental awareness and energy-saving policies.